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DMCI Homes

DMCI Homes

DMCI Homes caters to a market segment that has been largely underserved in the local property sector: young families with modest income that aspire a quality lifestyle. The company began in 1999 when DMCI Project Developers, Inc. spun off its housing division with the aim to build condominiums and house and lots. Residential development began with Lakeview Manors in 1999, then innovations were introduced with Hampstead Gardens in 2001, and East Ortigas Mansions was built two years later with improved amenities and facilities.

Constantly exploring new markets and new technologies, the company developed Villa Alegre Homes and Mayfield Park in 2004 with significant upgrades in terms of development features. Revenues grew for the housing division as more projects and innovations were developed. The business goal of DMCI Homes is to provide affordable residential units in urban friendly, fully serviced communities near places of work, study, and leisure.

The company identifies objectives that advance the proposition of “profit with honor”, namely, to ensure customer satisfaction, sustainable investment growth, mutually beneficial relationship with business partners, environmental concern, and career development of its people. A successful translation of landmark infrastructure principles into accessible housing projects earned DMCI Homes the rating of Triple A builder/developer.

This means that the company upholds high standards in construction techniques demonstrated through efficient floor plans, high quality structures, superior workmanship, and modern facilities and architectural design, while controlling building costs to remain within comfortable reach of average Filipino families. All residential community projects have distinctive elements and strategies that enhance the experience of end-users.

Key features include modern in-city living that guarantees easy access to transportation and business/commercial centers, medium density development with single-loaded corridors and 60:40 footprint-to-building space ratio, resort living, themed development, reliable property management, and ready for move-in policy. That the company was established in the midst of the Asian Economic crisis gave it a unique perspective in which to deal with continually shifting industry and market trends.

This flexibility, combined with five decades of experience and the legacy of a good builder’s name, has resulted in rapid growth for the company and the present average of more than 200 new homes turned over every month. With the company’s big move to a new corporate center in Makati City, and despite a persisting financial environment that is difficult and cautious, DMCI Homes is emerging as the Philippines’ top builder/developer of premier quality homes for middle income families.

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